What Praying Is


For most people, talking to others is not a problem. But praying is essentially no more than talking. Yet, because it is talking to God, many people either get up tight about it or think they cannot do it properly. But there is really no proper way to pray. God wants us to approach him just as we are and where we are, as the unique individual he created us to be. Continue reading “What Praying Is”

AIM:To educate and remind good hygienic practices.

To educate human beings to adopt good hygeinic practices

One of the key roles ENV plays is to ensure that food is prepared hygienically and hence safe for consumption. In support of the Environmental Health Department and the Hawkers Department, the Education & Partnership Department organises a variety of educational programmes and develops a variety of educational materials to educate food handlers and householders on hygienic food handling practices. The Environmental Education Department also works towards educating consumers on the importance of food hygiene when eating out, and measures they can take to prevent contracting food-borne diseases and food poisoning. Continue reading “AIM:To educate and remind good hygienic practices.”

Iraq will reach democratic milestones, Myers insists

Iraq will reach democratic milestones, Myers insists

Iraq will agree a constitution and elect a new government this year despite an insurgency that is likely to continue, United States General Richard Myers said.

Gen Myers drew a comparison between the persistent counter-insurgency battle in Iraq and the US struggle for independence from the British, which continued beyond the official day of celebration. Continue reading “Iraq will reach democratic milestones, Myers insists”

Life Beyond Death

Life Beyond Death

Saints say that Nature has designed man to leave his physical body at will, transcend to higher spiritual planes, and then return to the body. They help each aspirant personally and each receives a practical experience, however little it may be, during the very first sitting at the time of Initiation. A person who is competent to give a man this Personal experience of withdrawal or separation (temporary) from the body, and who can thus put him on the way back to God, is a genuine Master, Saint or Satguru. Continue reading “Life Beyond Death”

The 7 Greatest Wonders of the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza

It is the one and only Ancient Wonder which does not require a description by early historians and poets. It is the one and only Ancient Wonder that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape. It is the oldest, yet it is the only surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders. It is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Continue reading “The 7 Greatest Wonders of the World”

Human Brain, What a ART

The Human Brain

The brain is the source of all our behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We have known for a long time that different areas of the brain are used for different activities – memory, language, problem-solving, and so on. Doreen Kimura, professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, explains how the latest studies also show that, although all human brains are very similar, there are small differences in the way the brain is organized between one person and another. These differences may underlie some of our unique talents. Continue reading “Human Brain, What a ART”